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I am going through Paypal and believe I will get a full refund. Not from Tidebuy, who is still trying to get me to settle, but from Paypal. Tidebuy continues to practice World Wide Fraud and should be stopped from doing business, TOTALLY!

Original review posted by user Apr 20, 2012

My daughter ordered a prom dress off of what looked to be a reputable site. has pictures of BEAUTIFUL dresses on thier site, custom made taking 22-28 days to make.

So, it did take 27 days, passed inspection, then when we opened the BAG they shipped the dress in overseas, I literally thought they sent the wrong dress. Color is wrong, applique coming off. Stitching on applique and skirt looks like basting, not stitches. Bodice is uneven so one *** looks to be at naval level.

It's a trainwreck. I immidiatly submitted a claim. Their site refreshes about every minute so you have to start over. I took to copy and paste to finally get it done.

I submitted the 3 pictures they allow, and dispite the proof, they tell me the dress is beautiful and passed inspection. Next email, I was told I need to send clear pictures because these show no defects! Oh, Yeah, they didn't cut the backing away well on any of the applique so netting shows all around it and in some areas, they didn't even bother trimming it away! I wish I could post the pictures here.

At the very least, I would like to save another girl Prom Heartache or HEAVEN FORBID, a Wedding Disaster!

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Why would you even purchase from them in the first place? Overseas for a prom dress? Ridiculous!


Ignore the comments from zgcdm8, as I belive this to be a Tidebuy employee trying to negate how they are committing fraud. I urge everyone to report Tidebuy for fraud to Government Consumer sites.

I did, and Paypal asked me to, but I already had. Also, I asked Paypal to investigate this company.

They are committing fraud, which is illegal. :(


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