Tirana, Tirane

What didn't give an answer for item 78915, when I have wrote your company some times?

I have paid the money for the nice drees and not for the small dress, different modeland material.Are you resposible for your clients ?

Your duty is only to take the money without to think for more and what happen with the dress that you have sell?I can't belive to you and to your work . I want to tell all the people : never buy to tidebuy company.

Why you delete all my message? Rolanda Zaganjori: rolandazaganjori@yahoo.com . About item 78915.

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Dear Customer,

On behalf of tidebuy.com, I would like to apologize for the inconvenience you have experienced while shopping with us. We very much appreciate your feedback and comments as we are constantly trying to improve our products and service.

I encourage you and all other customers who have any issues with tidebuy.com to please contact me at :service@Tidebuy.com

Again, we are terribly sorry for the trouble.




My item order is 78915 , black color ,size 14$,and the dress like KATE MIDDLETON.I want the silk material if you can. Olso I have write my measure in my order.

Rolanda Zaganjori


Dear Customer,

We are terribly sorry for the inconvenience you have experienced while shopping with us. Please post your full order number so that we can investigate your case further and offer solutions.




Ihave contact with "servis@tidebuy", but they want the photos of the dress, so they don't belive to my request.1- small dress

2-the dress is not like as the picture.

3- the material is not like the picture.Until now I can't contakt with the company.


I too have tried contacting them. They sent the wrong dress.

It is not at all what was in the picture and is cheaply made.

It is ill-fitting and I cannot get anyone to call or reply. All I wanted to do was exchange the dress for the correct one, I guess i am stuck with this pitiful dress I could have made myself.

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