New Glasgow, Nova Scotia
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Ordered a tailored chiffon dress from them cost $260.00 Canadian and It was poorly made, wrong bodice color, cut wrong, and too big.

I've been exchanging emails for weeks but to date have had little satisfaction. The most they've offered is 25% refund and I keep the gown as it will cost $160.00 ship it back to them.

This dress is no good to anyone except as a Halloween costume perhaps....

In the pics below the first is what we ordered. You can clearly see the difference. Plus it was way too long, and they had her EXACT measurements.

Monetary Loss: $260.

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Yes, this is true, they will never refund your money and their quality is so poor. Do not buy anything from tidebuy or TB dress.


Maybe a bit late with this, but even though the dress (esp.bodice) is different, your daughter looks stunning in it!

But to be fair, she would probably look good in a paper bag with a figure like that...Hope she had a great prom!


Cry me a river!Your complaint is ridiculous!

First off, it's JUST PROM! It's meaningless! You should have gone to Macy's at best and purchased a "prom" dress which would have cost you WAY LESS! If your daughter wasn't so shapeless and actually looked like a female, she would not need a custom fit dress!

Then you could have simply followed Macys return policy and returned to a store for a refund instead of b*%#*ing about it!

Life goes on.Now get over it!


The dress looks fine, you are just hoping that they will take it back after your daughter went to the prom. This is not a library where you can just borrow the prom dress and then return it.

to Anonymous #869833

are you guys joking?She paid a LOT of money for that...

I agree, she should have gone to macys where she could have gotten a good product for that amount of money...

her daughter is beautiful too.There was a LOT wrong with that dress.

to Anonymous #883642

The point is there is nothing wrong with the dress.She just wants her money back and is lying and saying the dress has problems, then again you are probably the OP pretending replying to your own review making it look like others have the same opinion as you.

The dress is fine, and for her to say it makes a h

Halloween costume is childish.If you notice the daughter is smiling, just the mother wanted to "rent" the dress.

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