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Refund/Exchange- Additional cost- $45+$15=$60...I can accept the length of 1-3 months of receiving items. However, when making contact through there website, they do respond but don’t Read/Listen.

I expressed my concern about size chart misconception and the size not fitting. They responded I should of used the chart? Ummm, I did... then I asked to exchange and they said $45 charge.

I said ok I will pay, just need to change size. The said, I can keep the items at no charge?!? Umm, I said Ok to pay I need to exchange, where did they get I would like to keep an item that doesn’t fit? After a week of going back and fourth, they finally gave me a return address with instructions to notify them with tracking number.

When I did, they responded with an additional $15 deduction. I said very kindly to them, wow that’s a $60 charge for an exchange, I then asked for a refund instead, out of fear to be charged another $60 for the new items to be sent out to me. I did express that I have never seen so many charges for item Refunds/ Exchanges... Their reponse Lol!

Was - that they could refund the $15 and I can keep the items that don’t fit ....ummm once again- what do I want with items that don’t fit and when did I ask to keep them or a $15 refund.

I had to keep sending them pictures of our conversations - I truly believe that they scan through our conversations and don’t actually listen to their customers—-Like the title says misrepresentation & miscommunication. I have a copy of all discussions with them, happy to share if anyone wants them..

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Hi , We are so sorry to hear that the item didn't meet your expectations.Could you please let me know your order number at so that we are able to help you check it ? Best Regards Tidebuy