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If today someone asked me to recommend an online shop with good dresses and strict timelines, Tidebuy International Limited would not be anywhere on the list. My situation is somehow very pathetic and up to now I still do not understand what really drove me to buy from them. Early March this year 2015, I had gathered enough money to buy wedding dresses and other accessories for my bridal hire shop in Malawi. I did some searches and could not get what I wanted from my previous supplier (, which is extremely good), ad after some more searching I came across I read some of their reviews, and looked at a couple of pictures and their prices (which are very high for the *** I have discovered them to be), and well, I thought I had found IT!!! Alas, had I known I would have searched more on their shady side of the business. If I had seen this website before that order, I don't think I would have ordered and paid so much money (US$744) for them to make my dresses (which I still do not have up to now).

Their website ( reads that tailoring takes 10-15 days from the day the money has been confirmed to have been deposited in their account (I had a lot of trouble obtaining an invoice for the bank to do a bank transfer, the customer service guy (Jackie) kept returning with a message that I think was from the system not a person responding to me), and 2-8 day for shipping. To me this translates into a maximum of 23 days for the package to be here with me. Their online chat does not work at all, and I think that is a deliberate move. I went to the bank to fill the Forex request forms so the bank can transact on my behalf on 16th March 2015, and sent the Telegraphic Transfer (T.T) form to Tidebuy International Limited on 17th March 2015, but it took me several emails plus messages in their website inbox for them to confirm receiving the money, which they did on the 19th of March. When the 10-15 days was nearing and almost expiring, on 8th April, I emailed them asking the status of my order, Jackie the customer care rep assigned to me told me my order had passed quality inspection and that the factory was making arrangements to have my package shipped in the next few days. But as I am filing this complaint, the package is nowhere to be seen. I have written several emails, and made several correspondences on their website which they don't respond to. On 15th April after I sent two emails, he told me i should check back in 2-3 days, but up to now, I haven't received anything.

Please do not buy from them; they are cheaters and liars, they can't keep deadlines, now two of the dresses I ordered for a client whose wedding is on 2nd May, and have had to ask her to find alternatives because the dresses may not arrive in time, if at all they will arrive. I only cry for my money, which I have toiled for day and night just so I can realize a better life for me and my family.

This reviewer shared experience about order processing issue and wants this business to have the product delivered as the author lost $744. The author is overall dissatisfied with Tidebuy and uploaded a picture. Reviewer wants customer support to reach out to him or her ASAP for further discussion of this matter.

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This is terrible! They are liars and cheaters!

I feel bad for you like for me. I am disabled and am on a fixed income. I saved up enough money to buy my only daughter a dress for the Prom. I received the dress but it was poor quality too much material and it did not zip up.

Now I have given the dress away because it cost $102 to return dress - so NO refund! the worst experience ever online!

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