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I have lots of problems with this company. 1/ They didn't finish my dress till I emailed them 3 times to ask them to hurry, took 22 days to finish. Dress came 2.5 days before my wedding day. 2/ Name of the dress is half sleeve, I gave them measurement for half sleeve. But I also noticed they asked for arm length measurement in their own measuring guide below the dress info. So I gave them the arm length measurement as well. They made it long sleeve for me! I never asked them to change it to long sleeve. And they blamed it on me. They said I gave them the arm length so they thought I wanted long sleeve. If I wanted long sleeve, I would state that in my message. I DID give them half sleeve measurement. They did things on their own and they said it's because of me. 3/ The hip is way too small for me. Their measuring guide says "Hip is about 7 inches below the natural waist line". But it's not the widest part of my hips. They shouldn't say it's 7 inches below the waist line because it is NOT. I couldn't wear it. I couldn't get it altered either because the lace surrounding the dress does not have big enough extra margin to expand. So I had to rush out and bought another dress in a store to replace this one.

Sally,a customer rep. is very ***. She asked me what bicep measurement and upper arm length mean. She works for a company that make dresses, she should know about that. She also asked me about my shoe height 3" which means 3 feet? I can't believe there's a brainless person like that.

Their customer service is really bad. I had to email them many times about my dress and waited 3 days for a response. Their online chat is even worse. After only 3 questions the customer service rep asked me to email him although I had urgent issue that needed to talk with them right away. Now I'm on my honey moon but I still have to email them for a refund because I couldn't use that dress at all. I opened a dispute on their website and they asked me to email their other email address with pictures. I already did that and they got back to me saying I should check the hip size of my dress again, without any mention about a refund. Why do I need to measure the hips again? It's obvious that the dress is too small for me, and my wedding day also passed. They don't want to fix any problem, and they don't want to give customers a refund if something goes wrong. Their price is not cheap either.

My friends recommended other websites which they already ordered from but I chose this one because they had clear pictures. I thought they would be a responsible company. But they are not. Everything they do is every slow and unprofessional. Be careful when buying from this company if you don't want to waste your time for the hassle they create. My best advice for you is not to buy from them at all.

Monetary Loss: $195.

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