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I ordered a dress from tidebuy and I still haven't received it but I can already say that I will never order from them again. They post in their website that wedding dresses take 24-30 days for processing and another 2-8 shipping.

after 32 days from when I placed the order it was still in process so I asked them how com they did not ship it yet - they said it will take more than 20 more days to make it because the had a vacation.

I will be happy to show the frustrating correspondence I had with them- sand me your email address to and I will forard it to you. after you will read their *** answers - you will have no doubt and you will never order from them!

Monetary Loss: $175.

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I wrote the original review and I Just wanted to update that after all the frustration, the dress arrived only one week later than it was suppose to, and it was pretty nice (the sewing is really good). they also added a jacket that I did not order (as a compensation, I guess).

Ultimately, according to my experience with TideBuy, I think that their downside was communication-wise. but I might give them another chance..

higgins butler

i was ripped of too sent me a synthetic mixed fibre wig costing me £173.90 .... but they were advertising a 100% grade AAAA human hair wig ..... are now being none responsive after i have returned it and only refunded me $100 dollars???????????im taking it further just because they are in china dosent mean they can rip the british public off like this...if it was in uk they would be closed down and gettn sued ........Erica

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