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I bought a dress from this company and received it on Wednesday (11/5/14) as soon as I opened the package and held it up, I knew something was wrong. As you can see in the pictures, the "bulge" on the dress is where the beginning of the split is supposed to be.

Contrast that with the picture that is on the website and you can CLEARLY see that is poor tailoring, not measuring on my part. And look at the lining & length (uneven) of the dress.

I've sent them 5 messages and haven't heard back from them yet.

I did read some of the reviews and saw some reviews with the people wearing the dress that they ordered and I took a chance....let me help you...DO NOT DO IT! I'm about to proceed with legal action because they are now ignoring my messages.

Reason of review: Poor tailoring, awful customer service, no refund to date.

Monetary Loss: $180.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

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This store is a racket, thief and the phone Number don’t work. They don’t answer there emails.

They give overseas business a bad reputation. Please do not buy from them.

They are distasteful company. If I could get my hand on their neck I would catch a case.


The "bulge" looks like a low-hanging ***. Sorry.


It seems that Tidebury is the same as Pink Sugar XO. The owner does the same thing. Steal money from people and not get anything back.


Did you pay by credit card? If so, enlist their help.

Call their customer services, explain your predicament ,and lodge a complaint. Generally, they will pursue the issue, issuing you a credit which is contingent upon resolution.


I only received one iteam out of 3 and I originally order 6 put canceled one and only got money back for one what can I do or who can i talk to ?


You're going to have to do what i did and document you're situation wherever you can, dime complaints continuously on their website and report them to BBB. I eventually received 50%if my money back but they are STILL ripping people off, especially by the posts they make on Facebook under different retailer names, but they are all the same compliant. If you ever see pics that DO NOT SHOW THE PERSON'S FACE, do not buy bc it's them.


Problem is, if you complain or send it back, the 8 year old child who made the dress will most likely get a severe beating.

You don't want little Sum Ting Wong to get a beating, do you?


I looked at your photos and it looks like nobody went back in and trimmed around the slit. If you can get into the inside u may be able to make cuts into the seam around the slit and it won't bulk up like it is.

I am no expert but have been sewing my own clothes since the age of 13 and my mother who was a professional seamstress taught me all I know. It may fixable but the photos were not good quality on my computer. Hope you can get some satisfaction.

I have ordered from sites overseas and nothing I have gotten has fit or even been what the picture showed. From now on only buy USA made.


Nah, I'm good... no one should have to do that much alterations to have a well made dress... if that's the case, I wouldn't have bought from them